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        Home >> Products >> Bespoke Specialty Safes
        Gun Safe Cabinet 1 Gun Safe Cabinet 1 Gun Safe Cabinet 1

        Gun Safe Cabinet 1

        Specification: 600*370*340mm

        Product Description

        Alarm function: The gun safe cabinet will sound alarm when wrong passwords are entered for three times in a row and the alarm will be lifted until the correct passwords are entered.

        Press the “0” key in the standby mode to enable vibration alarm. The safety box will sound alarm in case of being struck. Enter the correct passwords to lift the alarm. If the alarm is not disabled, gun safe box will stop one minute later but vigilance is not lifted.

        Product features:

        1. One-time press forming box with fewer solder joints and high resistance to prying.

        2. Door can be opened by 90 degrees to integrate side bolt and locking points with unparalleled anti-prying performance.

        3. Scientific design of round anti-prying bolt with additional locking points for overall safety.

        4. Recognized brand with market share far ahead in China for 20 consecutive years, produced by the enterprise which first passed the national 3C security certification.

        5. Laminate whose height can be freely adjusted for more changeable storage space.

        6. Dual circuit board with human design of key switch against emergencies.

        7. Anti-corrosion surface treatment for durable service.

        8. Production in advanced digital assembly line to ensure that the product can be widely used meeting common standards.

        9. Removable high-strength nylon casters with mechanical armored protection mechanism, multi-point security system and vibration alarm.

        10. Processes from pickling, phosphating and passivation pretreatment to surface electrostatic spraying first conformed to the GB10409-2001 standards;

        11. Mounting holes are reserved to ensure the fastness and security of the product.

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