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        Advantages and disadvantages of various passwords used in common safes

        Jul 26, 2019

        Advantages and disadvantages of various passwords used in common safes shared by Best Gun Cabinet China.

        At present, the market is more common in the type of safe cabinet products, the common use of the password: mechanical class, electronic class, brush card type, fingerprint class has remote control password box and so on, and the use of more or in front of several types, the following different password type analysis of its advantages and disadvantages:

        Mechanical codes are stable, durable, and do not require power. However, the operation method is slow, inconvenient and requires professional personnel to change the password.

        Best Gun Cabinet China

        Electronic password of the College Dorm Safes has the advantages of fast operation, easy and optional to modify the password. Although the price and quality of electronic combination locks have decreased in recent years, they are not as stable and durable as mechanical codes because of their complexity.

        Card type lock can use oneself bank card to open the door of safe, but higher to IC card requirement, if put with the thing of strong magnetism on block, bad use!

        Fingerprints are hard to find in this world, so fingerprint identification technology is applied to the safe, strong confidentiality, easy to use. But the opponent's dry humidity requirements are strict! The identification of the finger position is also relatively dull! Even with the same finger, if you put it in a different position before losing and before opening, you may recognize the failure!

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