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        Some general knowledge about safe (cabinet)

        Aug 02, 2019

        Some general knowledge about safe (cabinet) shared by Commercial  Safes Manufacturer.

        What is a burglar safe?

        Theft-proof safe is also one of the products listed in the national mandatory product certification catalogue, the implementation standard is ga166-1997 theft-proof safe, according to the standard provisions: height not more than 320mm, width not more than 450mm, try not more than 300mm are theft-proof safe. The product model is fgb-qbxx or fjb-qbxx; Divide electron type and mechanical type two kinds. The thickness of the steel plate is less than 4mm, and the thickness of the door plate is not less than 8mm. Its characteristic is volume is small, carriage is convenient, use the fixed device such as expand bolt and ground or wall to be fixed normally, have very good concealment sex, thief discovers not easily, move very hard, suit hotel or family to use very much.

        What is a burglar safe?

        Theft-proof Business Safe is included in the national compulsory product authentication catalogue product this one, its execution standard is gb10409-2001 theft-proof safe, the product model is fdg-a1 /J (D) XX, the product divides the electronic type and the mechanical type two kinds. Shell steel plate requirements Q345A, the thickness of not less than 6mm, door plate requirements Q235A, the thickness of not less than 10mm, its characteristics are large capacity, thick steel plate, strong anti-theft performance, anti-theft safe series safety in line with national standards, and equipped with multifunctional ticket seal box, moisture-proof concealed warehouse and other humanized design and intelligent alarm system. Suitable for enterprise financial system. Suitable for enterprise financial system, banking system, military gun management, hotel hall and other fields.

        Business Safe

        Data media safes

        What is the 3C certification for a safe?

        Safe (ark) mandatory attegration (namely 3C attegration), it is a kind of product that the country enacts according to law to protect safety of person property of broad consumer and mandatory implementation conformity assesses a system, it asks the product must accord with national standard and technical code. The quality of the 3C certified anti-theft safe deposit box (cabinet) is guaranteed by China security product center and the production enterprise, and the consistency of the certified products and the actual sales products is ensured, effectively guaranteeing the personal and property safety of consumers.

        What are the advantages and common categories of electronic safe?

        Electronic password safe with convenient password input, easy to open and use, intelligent function, and can change the password at any time and many other advantages, is widely used in the home, enterprises, hotels, banking systems and other fields.

        According to its input mode can be divided into: password input type, magnetic card input type, fingerprint input type, remote input type, etc. Display mode can be divided into: LCD LCD display, LED digital display, indicator display;

        According to the mechanism opening mode can be divided into: electromagnet type and electric model two.

        How to check safe (ark) prevent damage, prevent pry ability?

        Anti - theft safe (cabinet) the most important is to have the function of anti - skid, anti - damage. The ministry of public security has established security product quality supervision and testing centers in Shanghai and Beijing to supervise and test the production of security safes (cabinets) across the country.

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