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        Classification of safe boxes

        Aug 09, 2019

        Classification of safe boxes

        Business Safes classification of a lot of different ways, different ways will have different classification, we are respectively from different angles to simply introduce the current market on the more common classification of safe:

        One, according to the safety level of the safe itself can be divided into:

        Safe, Digital Steel Safes box, treasure box, safe box, file cabinet

        Ii. The scope of use can be divided into:

        Hotel safe, business safe, family safe, hotel box, fire cabinet, file cabinet, gun cabinet, car safe, Treasury door, ATM cabinet, coin cabinet, etc.

        3. According to the opening mode of the panel and lock that make up the safe, it can be divided into:

        Electronic password series, fingerprint series, mechanical password series, swipe card series, remote control series, touch screen series, IC card induction series.

        Digital Steel Safes box

        Digital Steel Safes box

        What's the difference between safekeeping box and safe deposit box?

        Safe deposit box is 1.5~2mm steel plate commonly even iron sheet, the thickest do not exceed 8mm, safe deposit box is easy to be destroyed (impact drill can drill through easily), anti-theft performance is poorer, make private deposit commonly use, do not belong to special anti-theft measure.

        The safekeeping box is also divided into two types: mechanical code and electronic code according to the lock. Some brand call his product illicit close box, it is the name that business oneself bestow only actually, the purpose is to highlight its use, belong to safe deposit box actually.

        The thickness of the steel plate of the safe is much greater than that of the safe box, and the material is steel plate, the general door thickness of 10mm, the box thickness of 6mm, the lock diameter of 24~30mm, the anti-theft performance is much higher than the safe box. Therefore, if it is used to put valuables, you should choose safe.

        Because of the difference in structure, the safe box is much cheaper than the safe box in price, which is more suitable for the use of private families, hotels, supermarkets and other public places to store items.

        Function of safe: anti-theft; Function of safe deposit box: keep personal belongings; Function of private box: same as safe box.


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